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Direct Paypal Donation

There are 3 ways to support TrueGameData! This is a direct, one time PayPal donation:

Patreon Subscription

We also have a Patreon setup for recurring support if you love what we're doing!

TrueGameDataLive Twitch Subscription

You can support my Twitch channel! Tony (Twitch Here, Twitter Here) is the founder and owner of TrueGameData. He performs all of the weapon testing and originally did all the back end programming for the website, as well as all the algorithms for feautres included on the website (TTK / DPS chart data, ADS scaling equation, etc). Currently, Tony has stepped back from most of the programming of the website (except algorithm development) to focus on the TrueGameData YouTube channel, as well as the data collection for weapons.

IAmGamerGrille Twitch Subscription

Or you can support our full stack developer's Twitch channel! Kristina (Twitch Here, Twitter Here) originally was only the front end developer of the website. Recently, she has stepped up and taken on the role of full stack development of (both front end and back end programming). This includes but is not limited to the development of new user experience features and debugging and fixing bugs on the website.