Terms Glossary


Aim Down Sight Time; Amount of time until it is perfectly accurate after aiming down sights

ADS Movement

How fast you are able to walk / strafe while aiming down sights


How fast your movement speed is (Sprinting is ~1.3 times this speed)

Reload Time

Reload time from a partially empty magazine (fully empty magazine will take longer to reload, this time may come to the site later)

Sprint to Fire Time (STF)

Time it takes from sprinting to being able to fire - independent of aim down sight time

Tactical Sprint to Fire Time (TSTF)

Time it takes from tactical sprinting (double tapping sprint) to being able to fire - independent of aim down sight time

Bullet Velocity (BV)

Muzzle velocity of the bullet fired

Mag Size

Total number of bullets in the selected magazine

Hipfire Area

Circular area of hipfire cone (all measured at the same FOV for consistency). Unit is square kilopixels.

Open Bolt Delay (OBD)

Some have an open bolt design in real life where there is a delay between pulling the trigger and the first shot being fired. Modern Warfare also has this implemented for options that have OBD in real life, so certain options have a delay from when you pull the trigger to when it actually fires.

Vertical Recoil (Recoil Control)

Labeled as Recoil Control in game. This is currently mislabeled on the site - it should just be recoil magnitude. This is the size of the recoil pattern both vertically and horizontally. The more recoil control you have the more the smaller the recoil pattern on the wall will be, in both horizontal and vertical dimensions. For a full explanation of this stat check my video here

Horizontal Bounce (Recoil Stabilization)

Labeled as Recoil Stabilization in game. This is how much it bounces around the predefined recoil line that it will follow. This is especially important for long range ones as horizontal bounce is random and impossible to correct for. For more information check out my video here

Range Modifier

Percentage change of where each damage dropoff is for each option.