Hello, I am

Anthony Zachman

Developer, COD Enthusiast, Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist

The Developers

I have a background in engineering data analytics and back end development. I took all the data for truegamedata.com at 240 Hz/FPS using 240FPS video recordings to get the most accurate possible data. Kristina has a background in engineering and front end development. She designed and developed the front end of truegamedata.com. You can watch her streaming on her twitch channel or view her portfolio here.

COD Enthusiast

I love Warzone and am obsessed with having the best setups I can to win games. I started doing in-game testing and charting in Excel to accomplish this and one day it hit me -- if I wanted these charts and couldn't find them anywhere, why not just build it myself? There had to be other people that wanted something similar.


I am currently doing freelance programming full time -- if you have any projects you are interested in working on with me, you can reach me at the email link below. I'm currently building my portfolio website which should be up in the next month or so.